Made from recycled wood pallets.
Escolta Real, 45, bajo, 20008 Donostia-San Sebastián

We are Eureka Reziklarte

EUREKA REZIKLARTE is a small limited company created by three friends, professionals in carpentry, painting, plumbing and international trade, in 2016 in San Sebastian, Spain,  where it  has a workshop fully equipped for the production of furniture and vintage and industrial style objects.

Our goal

is to create a source of incomes by making and selling products made with recycled wood, water pipes, and other rejected objects that we transform and valorize for reuse as furniture.

Our philosophy

is based on the reuse of industrial products. Recycled wood brings environmental benefits, because not only the life of wood is extended, but also the coal contained therein is preserved and is stored in the new product.

The paradox is that many people associate the reuse of pallets with very low prices and however it is more costly in time and labor to put an old pallet in condition to be reused than buying new wood to make furniture with new wood, pine, for example .

We make wooden furniture of ”real wood tree”, we don’t use not agglomerated,  coated, etc.

Our furniture is simple, beautiful, unique and strong.

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